Certificate of Competency as a Chargeman

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A chargeman must apply for certificate of competency in order to be authorized and allowed to work, operate or be in control of any work or operation of an electrical installation. Certificate of Competency as a Chargeman is a certification that recognizes a person who has:
  1. Sufficient experience in carrying out work in an environment where electrical equipment is in operation; and
  2. Experience of controlling live equipment; and
  3. Successfully attended chargeman course at accredited institution and passed the theory, practical and Electricity Ordinance and Electricity Rules (EOER) examinations.
The application is required to submit the supporting documents below:
  1. Passport-sized photograph.
  2. Mykad and/or passport
  3. Work permit (required for non-Sarawakian only)
  4. Educational/vocational certificates and transcripts of subjects.
  5. Competency certificates currently in possession.
  6. Details of relevant courses attended.
  7. Details of working experiences.
  8. Photocopy of emergency response/first aid certificates, if any.
  1. Malaysian citizen.
  2. Age not less than 20 years old.
  3. Has experience of more than three years full time on-the-job training or part time attached with company with testimonial.
  4. Passed the exam for chargeman and EOER held at accredited institution.
This service can be obtain through the following channels:
  1. Online (web only)
  2. Electrical Inspectorate Unit Office, Ministry Of Utilities.
Charges are vary as follow:
  1. low voltage category: RM50
  2. high voltage category: RM100

If the payment mode is bank draft or postal order, it must be made payable to "Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak".
For any enquiries you can reach us at +6082-258258.