Application for Import Permit for Electrical Appliances (Individual)

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The following electrical equipment must obtain an import permit from the Director of Electricity Supply when brought into Sarawak from abroad:

  1. Any domestic equipment
  2. Any equipment which is usually sold direct to the general public.
  3. Any equipment which does not require special skills in its operation.
Documents required:
  1. Certificate of Approval (COA) for domestic equipment that sold to the general public,
  2. Catalogue / packing list/ information details for personal / industrial item.
  3. Valid Business License for company

  1. Importer of electrical equipment for domestic and industrial use
  2. Public who wish to import electrical equipment for personal use

The application can be made through the online application systems as below:
  1. eUTILITIES System at, atau
  2. Service Sarawak at
Free of Charge
  1. Electrical appliances must be compatible with the electrical system in Malaysia
  2. COA must be obtained for electrical equipment that will be sold to the public
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