Apply for Remission of Rates

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The owner who are in a state of poverty can apply for exemption of whole or partial assessment rates payment.
The following supporting document are required for this application :
  1. Proof that the ratepayer are living in poverty :
  • Welfare Card (if applicant received aid from Jabatan Kebajikan); or
  • OKU card (if applicant is handicapped); or
  • Salary slip (if the applicant not receiving welfare aid but living in poverty); or
  • Medical report (if the applicant has illness and living in poverty)
  1. Online via Service Sarawak portal and mobile apps.
  2. Service Sarawak Centre at UTC Kuching, Sibu and Miri.
  3. Service counter at Local Council's counter.
This application is subject to approval by the Local Council.
Contact the Local Council for further assistance.