Application for withdrawal of caveat with Local Councils

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Local Council will lodge caveat on land title of a property at Land Registry Office when any rates imposed to a rateable holding (including all assessment rates and any other moneys in respect of services rendered by ratepayer) not paid. The owner who wish to get the Local Council to withdraw the caveat will have to apply for this service.
The following supporting document are required for this application :
  1. Letter from solicitor if the application is done by solicitor
  1. Owner
  2. Solicitor acting on behalf of owner
  3. Any 3rd party acting on behalf of owner
  1. Online via Service Sarawak portal and mobile apps
  2. Service Sarawak Centre at UTC Kuching, Sibu and Miri
  3. Service counter at Local Council's counter
  1. All outstanding assessment bill must be paid in full up to the latest bill for the year under the same Title Lot applied :

a) If applicant apply from January to June :
  •    To pay all assessment bill up to the First Half  of the year.
b) If applicant apply from July to December :
  •     To pay all assessment bill up to the Second Half  of the year.
  1. Caveat fees amount subject to Local Councils :

a) Withdrawal fee if using the solicitor service - RM150.00
b) Withdrawal fee if not using the solicitor service - RM100.00

  1. Legal fees amount subject to Local Councils

This application is subject to approval by the Local Council.
Contact the Local Council for further assistance