Apply for Certificate of Approval for Assemblers, Manufacturers or Importers of Gas Fittings, Gas Appliances and Gas Equipment

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In order to assemble, manufacture, or import a gas fitting, gas appliance or gas equipment, the applicant must apply for the Certificate of Approval (COA1) issued by MOU.
The application is required to submit the supporting documents below:
1) Copy of company registration certificate or registration issued by SSM
2) Copy of company profile
3) Copy of full-time employment letter for competent person (for manufacturer)
4) Copy of premises title (if own) or premises rental agreement (if rented)
5) Company procedure manual and quality control for manufacturer/assembler process
6) Copy of document as authorized agent (for importer) or copy of document as OEM (for manufacturer/assembler)
7) Copy of QAS/ISO certificate (if any) issued by SIRIM (for manufacturer/assembler)
8) Copy of ISO/API certificate (if any) for principal manufacturer outside of country (for importer)
Anyone can apply
This service can be apply at the Gas Distribution Division, Ministry of Utilities Sarawak
The certificate fee is free of charge as for now until further notice.
Please contact Najihah Dor at 082 551 000 for inquiries.