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Strata Titles commonly referred to titles issued to high rise properties such as apartments and condominiums. Printout of Strata Title is sales of current information related to Strata titles consisting of Strata Parcel Description, Map Sheet Number, Plan Folio Number, Area, Share Units of the Parcel, Annual Rent, Term, Commencement & Expiry Date, Classification & Category of Land, Date of Registration, Building Name, Special Conditions, Registered Proprietor(s) includes share, ID & capacity (if any), Encumbrances, Limitations, Easement & Annotation and Remarks. Printout Of Strata Title will be made available to the purchaser upon successfully payment.
General Public
The charges is RM5.00 for the first 2 Pages and RM5.00 for each subsequent page.
This service is available through the following channels :
  1. Any Land and Survey Department customer service counter
  2. Online through portal or mobile apps (eLASIS) 
For any inquiries, please contact nearest Land and Survey Department or contact the 24-hour customer care line 1-300-88-SAINS or 1-300-88-7246 or email