BKSS 6.0 Special Assistance for Registered Homestay Operators

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A one-off payment of RM600 is given to registered Homestay operator under the Sarawak Government special aid BKSS 6.0 to help ease burden of the Homestay operator in dealing with Covid-19 pandemic
The Homestay Operator that has met the following criteria :
a. Must be a Sarawakian
b. Must have registered with MOTAC
c. Must be active and valid in MOTAC registration record
No application is required.   The list of recipients is generated from the list of registered homestay operators that have registered with Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC)
A one-off payment RM600 will be credited directly to the recipient’s bank account.  The recipient is to make sure the bank account registered with MOTAC is valid and active.
If you have any enquiries or wish to update your information such as bank account, contact details etc., you can contact Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Sarawak by email to the officers in charge, as follows :
a. Mdm. Florence Ukan (florenug@sarawak.gov.my)
b. Mdm. Siti Hafsah Binti Mohamad Haron (sitihmh@sarawak.gov.my)
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