BKSS 6.0 Financial Assistance for e-hailing Drivers and Driving Instructors

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A One-off financial assistance of RM500 is given to registered e-hailing drivers and driving instructors in Sarawak under the Sarawak Government special aid BKSS 6.0 to help ease burden of e-hailing drivers and driving instructors.
e-hailing drivers and driving instructors who are registered with Sarawak Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board and Sarawak Road Transport Department.
No application is required. The list of aid recipients is generated from existing e-hailing drivers and driving instructors under BKSS 4.0.
The payment to the recipient is channeled through the recipient's SarawakPay e-wallet. Please make sure your SarawakPay account is ACTIVE and is updated.
For any enquiry or assistance, please contact Ministry of Transport Sarawak at +6082-440411 or +6082-472500.
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