Apply for House Numbering and Referencing of Rateable New Holding

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Property owner can register new property with Local Council in order to get a proper property address. Assessment bill will be issued to the new property where assessment rates is depend on the valuation by the Local Council.
The following supporting document are required for this application :
  1. Copy of Mykad
  2. Locality plan
  3. Proof of ownership :
a. For property with Title :
  •     Copy of Land Title / Sale and Purchase Agreement / Memorandum of Transfer
b. For property without Title:
  •     Letter of verification by Ketua Kampung / Probate
  1. Owner
  2. Solicitor acting on behalf of owner
  1. Online via Service Sarawak portal and mobile apps.
  2. Service Sarawak Centre at UTC Kuching, Sibu and Miri.
  3. Service counter at Local Council's counter.
This application is subject to approval by the Local Council.
Contact the Local Council for further assistance.