Apply for Post-Natal Assistance (BIB)

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Post-natal Assistance (Bantuan Ibu Bersalin) of RM450 is given to each mother after giving birth starting 1st January 2020, for nutrition and personal care during confinement.
  1. Copy of MyKad for applicant (front and back)
  2. Copy of MyKad for spouse/guardian (front and back)
  3. Copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicant's MyKad does not have status 'K')
  4. Copy of Pregnancy Medical Record (front page)
  5. Copy of bank account statement for applicant (front page with details of bank's name, account no, account holder name)
  6. Copy of baby's birth certificate or discharge summary
  1. Malaysian citizens
  2. Sarawakian mothers with 'K' status on their MyKad or wives of Sarawakian with 'K' status on the MyKad (Sarawak Connection)
  3. Applicable for birth in Sarawak or outside Sarawak in 2020 or 2021
  4. Application be made upon 22 weeks of pregnancy up to 3 months after giving birth
  1. You can apply online; or
  2. Submit manual application form to any State Welfare Departments Division/District office, District offices, National Registration Department Sarawak, Early Childhood Development Division, KWKPK (Kuching Division Only); or
  3. Visit any Service Sarawak Centre.

Free of charge.
For any enquiries and to check status, you can reach us through the following channels:
1. Telephone number +6082-442050 during office hours
2. Email to