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Apply for Certificate of Registration as an Electrical Installation Contractor

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Certificate of Registration as an Electrical Installation Contractor is a certification that recognizes a person who has:
a) sufficient experience in relation to electrical work; and
b) passed the relevant examination at accredited institution.

Electrical Installation Contractor is allowed to submit plans, drawing and specifications for low voltage and receiving energy from licensee via a switch gear rated at 60A and below.
This service is available online and also available at Electrical Inspectorate Unit Office, Ministry Of Utilities.
1) Malaysian.
2) Possess suitable education qualification.
3) Has experience of more than 5 years with testimonial from company.
4) Passed exam for Building Contract Electrical Wiring held at accredited institution or has a Certificate of Competency (without exam).
Payment / Charges:
New application RM 100
Renewal application RM50

Payment Methods:
1) Online banking
2) Counter Payment Service
3) Bank Draft
4) Postal Order
Payment via Bank Draft or Postal order must be paid to "Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak".
Please contact 082-258258 for inquiries.
The application is required to submit the supporting documents below:
1) Passport-sized photograph.
2) Mykad and/or passport
3) Work permit (required for non-Sarawakian only)
4) Business of registration, trading license, extract or form 24.
5) Certificate of competency, EPF or SOCSO statement and consent letter for the competent person employed on a full-time basis.
6) Insurance coverage for the employees.
7) List of suitable equipment and instruments.