Apply for Death Compassionate Assistance (Bantuan Ihsan Kematian)

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This is a compassionate assistance of RM3,000 to cover funeral expenses on the death of Kenyalang Gold Card cardholders.
  1. Copy of KGC card/application slip/letter of confirmation from State Social Welfare Department
  2. Original Death Certificate of eligible KGC Card holder
  3. Copy of Death certificate of eligible KGC Card holder
  4. Statutory Declaration by Ketua Masyarakat or Ketua Kaum/Ketua Kampung/Tuai Rumah
  5. Copy of  applicant's Bank Account No.
  6. Copy of applicant's Mykad (front and back)
  1. Must be the next of kin of the KGC holder who deceased.
  2. Must not be the recipient of any charitable death assistance from JPA
  3. Must not be the resident of any government elderly care centre
  4. Must submit application within 120 days (4 months) after the KGC holder deceased.
The application can be made over counter by submitting the application form to State Welfare Departments dan Service Sarawak Centre.   You can download the application form here.
Free of charge.
For any enquiries, please contact us through following channels:
  1. Social Welfare Department general contact line +6082-514141 or nearest Social Welfare Department during office hours; or
  2. Email to email address
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