Apply for Approval to Operate (ATO)

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Regulation 7 of the Distribution of Gas (Installation & Competency) Regulation 2020 states that upon completion of a new gas installation work, the applicant shall apply for an approval to operate it from the Director of Gas of Ministry of Utilities Sarawak by submitting a written application together with a Certificate of Completion (Form A) and Test Certificate (Form B). The certificates shall be signed by appropriate competent person who supervises the installation work. Approval to Operate (ATO) applications must be made by registered gas contractors supplying all necessary documentation and submit to the Director of Gas Distribution, Ministry of Utilities Sarawak. An application Form for Approval to Install [GD 4(b)] can be downloaded from Ministry’s website at
The application is required to submit the supporting documents below:
1) Application letter for approval to operate (ATO)
2) Form A (Certificate of Completion)
3) Form B (Test Certificate)
4) As Built layout & schematic drawings (Endorsed by the competent person & singed by the owner or its representative)
5) Certificate of Scaled-Off
6) Welding work record
7) X-ray test results (if applicable)
8) Gas Distribution Inspection and Leakage Test Report
9) Hydrostatic test results (if applicable)
10) Copy of letter for Approval to Install (ATI)
11) Picture of the piping installation
12) Picture of the gas appliances (On/off labels: for installations involving connections to appliances)

Refer to the Ministry of Utilities Sarawak website for more information (Click here for details)
The applicant is required to fill in the application form and submit to the Gas Distribution Division, Ministry of Utilities Sarawak. Download the application form (Form Gas/ATI/01 [GD 4(b)]) now.
1) Owner of gas installation/ premises; or 
2) Representative of gas installation/ premises with letter of consent
The certificate fee is free of charge as for now until further notice.
Please contact Najihah Dor at 082 551 000 for inquiries.