Apply for Approval to Install (ATI)

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Regulation 6 of the “Distribution of Gas (Installation & Competency) Regulation 2020” states that Approval to Install has to be sought from the Director of Gas of Ministry of Utilities Sarawak before commencing work on new installation or gas extension. In principle, all relevant code in designing gas pipeline systems and installations are acceptable to the Gas Distribution Division of Ministry of Utilities Sarawak. The design codes are as follows: a) MS 830: Malaysian Code of Practice for the Storage, Handling and Transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. b) MS 930: Malaysian Code of Practice for the Installation of Fuel Gas Piping Systems and Appliances. c) ANSI/ ASME B 31.8: American National Standard for Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems. Approval to Install (ATI) applications must be made by registered gas contractors supplying all necessary documentation and submit to the Director of Gas Distribution, Ministry of Utilities Sarawak. An application Form for Approval to Install [GD 4(a)] can be downloaded from Ministry’s website at
1) Please duly complete Form Gas/ATI/01 (GD 4(a)), supplying all necessary information and   documentation to support your application and send to Director of Gas Distribution, Ministry of Utilities Sarawak. Your application will not be processed unless it is complete and all required documentation is provided.
2) All drawings and calculations attached/submitted as in Part G must be signed and stamp by Gas Competent Persons appointed by the owner base on the class of installation
3) This application form must be signed by the representative appointed/authorized by the owner of gas installation and affixed with company stamp.
4) The Gas Contractor appointed by the owner to install the pipeline system must hold a valid certificate of registration registered with State Government of Sarawak.
The applicant is required to fill in the application form and submit to the Gas Distribution Division, Ministry of Utilities Sarawak. Download the application form (Form Gas/ATI/01 [GD 4(a)]) now.
1) Owner of gas installation/ premises; or
2) Representative of gas installation/ premises with letter of consent.
The certificate fee is free of charge as for now until further notice.
Please contact Najihah Dor at 082 551 000 for inquiries.